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UK distributor for LIQ C serums.

LIQ C is a line of luxury face serums with a unique formula that provides deep skin revitalization. The heart of two serums is vitamin C - the only actively acting in the skin form of ascorbic acid - a form of levorotatory (L- Ascorbic Acid). The Serum contains 15% of the levorotatory active vitamin C. The night version of LIQ C based on Glycolic Acid reduces wrinkles or even small scars. Our newest Vitamin E Night Serum-Mask relaxes and soothes your skin while you sleep.


Product Highlights:


NATURAL INGREDIENTS - by using of natural ingredients, the product is valid for use for only 12 months - unlike other cosmetics 36 months or more. 


ONLY A FEW COMPONENTS - to develop the line of LIQ C, only a few active ingredients were used so it does not burden the skin.


GRAS LIST - all the ingredients are on the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.


LOW pH 3.0 - 3.4 - neutral for the skin - enhanced penetration with the skin barrier unthreatened.


FRAGRANCE FREE, COLORANT FREE - on top of that, it was not tested on animals but on our volunteers (dermatological tests).

LIQ C is a brand of LIQPHARM - the cosmetic company operating in Poland. It's rapid growth owes to its series of dermocosmetics which are widely appreciated by its customers. The company has its own production line and collaborates with the Medical University of Gdansk laboratory. Thanks to the access to specialized medical researchers, all the cosmetics are safe and its unique advanced formula makes the skin visibly younger. The company's mission is to create high-end cosmetics to satisfy the most discerning customers. 


LIQ C dermocosmetics are now available to buy in the UK.

UK Distributor:


9 Legion Grove

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e-mail: info@liqc.co.uk